We are ready! The semester is ready to start, and we are going to kick it off with Rush Week!

Check our Instagram page for more updated information about rush, message us there, or e-mail us!  

Rush events include fun, free food, and no commitment! Rush usually happens twice a year. So don’t miss out! 


All events are free and located locally. For events located outside Long Beach, we will meet at a centralized location and carpool over.

If there are any questions please contact Josiah Rojas at (626) 529-4664. Feel free to call or text, but if I don’t pick up, please leave a voicemail.

All events are free! Invite anyone you would like to, the more the merrier!!

In order to get a meet-up location, please reach out to us as soon as you can. If you don’t have a ride, reach out to us and we can come get you, within a reasonable range.



Game Night
Monday, 8/30 @ 7pm

Wednesday 9/1 @ 7pm

Friday, 9/3 @ 7pm

Trampoline Park
Tuesday, 9/7 @ 5pm

Mocktail Social w/ AΔX Christian Sorority
Friday, 9/10 @ 7pm

Beach Bonfire
Saturday, 9/10 @ 6pm