About AGO at Cal State Long Beach

What Is ΑΓΩ?

Alpha Gamma Omega is a Christ-Centered fraternity. In other words, it is a brotherhood founded on the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ. AGO is a community of men with a common mind of sharing the gospel. With that unity of mind, we eagerly seek to grow true relationships on the foundation of our personal relationships with God. We desire to mature spiritually, excel in academics, and expand our connections through social events. Since we share this common belief in Jesus Christ, we take pride in the fact that we will share this brotherhood in Heaven. Our motto, after all, is “Fraternity for Eternity”.

How To Join

To join, either contact us by clicking on the contact button at the top of the page or come to one of the rush events that occur during rush week each semester. The Rush Week button on the top of the page has a list of events for the upcoming semester rush. We would love to talk with you if you have any questions or just hang out too. Feel free to let us know if you are interested! We look forward to meeting you!

Our History

It all started when three UCLA students sought to establish a Christian club on campus. What began as an idea magnified into a reality with the help of their peers. Through hard work and determination, though, they were able to accomplish what they set out to do. Alpha Gamma Omega became the only Christ-Centered fraternity at UCLA in February of 1927. But it didn’t stop there. Since then, it has been chartered on 18 different campuses, one of which was at California State University, Long Beach. On May 5, 1962 Gamma chapter was chartered. Due to certain unpredicted difficulties, our chapter went inactive twice, but was again chartered in February of 2014.

Gamma Chapter (Cal State Long Beach)


The Brotherhood here at Gamma is getting off to a good start. With a successful pledging semester, we continue to grow in numbers and in unity. We actively aim to pursue God and encourage spiritual growth within each other. We desire to spread God’s name throughout our community as well as on the campus. As students of Long Beach State, we believe it is our mission to be actively involved on campus through a range of activities to represent our Fraternity and our Lord Jesus Christ. It is to our benefit that Gamma remains a Christ-Centered fraternity and we hold firmly to the teachings of the Bible.

             Our Purposes As A Fraternity

Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we, as Christian young men of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, purpose that it shall be the aim of this fraternity

  • To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,
  • To promote Christian fellowship,
  • To present Christian ideals in word and deed,
  • To search reverently for the truth,
  • To uphold the traditions and ideals of the University,
  • And to deepen the spiritual lives of the members.